It was my birthday #2: Le photobooth

As I said in my previous post, I prepared a photobooth for the evening of my birthday. In addition to the curtain with sequins that I had used for the first edition of the photobooth few years ago, I bought roses and other balls. After the installation completed, I realized that I should have to take more, but… For accessories, I took out the ones I made ​​with the patterns for Fifi Mandirac. My friends had also brought some very cool stuff to complement the ones I already had at home! Glasses, wigs, etc …

Here are the amazing pictures of the photobooth, here in chronological order. You see, it goes crescendo!

That evening, we took hundreds of hilarious pictures. I want to thank all my friends who were present at the party and played the game of photobooth and have agreed to appear on my blog! THANK YOU !

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