Manicure Greeny dots

New week, new manicure and here I do doublet since I already told you yesterday about manicure, nail lacquer and nail art. You may say that I am subject to monomania, and I plead guilty because once again I use and I abuse of dots!

At the event Pause Coquette, a girl chose a pale green as base and had long hesitated to associate colors to make a beautiful nail art. We finally opted for a monochrome as we chose natural colors: brown and taupe. Once home, I had only one desire: do this famous manicure on myself! I don’t have the same colors at home but it’s close enough. What do you think?

Light green nail polish : Stranger tides OPI
Brown nail polish : Suzy loves cowboys OPI
Sparkling beige nail polish : #303 Beige chrome Kiko
Beige nail polish : #319 Light Dove Kiko
White nail polish : White Konad

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