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For our second day in Rome, the program was as full as the first day: The Roman Forum, the Palatine Hill and the Colosseum! From 10 am, after a good breakfast at a cafe close to our apartment of which I’m going to talk about in detail shortly, we headed south. On our way, we have discovered many beautiful things. The plaza Novana Note that we passed two times on this site in 2 days. The weather changing, we had rain the first time and a beautiful blue sky the second, which is why you see glaring differences on this series of photos.

For the record, Piazza Novana was once a stadium of Greek games before hosting the papal residence. Today it is a animated place (except when it’s cold and it’s raining) with outdoor shows and sidewalk cafes and restaurants. On this site, we can find two small fountains at the ends and a much more imposing central Fountain of the Four Rivers.


* * *

While walking, it is very difficult not to cross a church, more or less big, but with decorations always impressive.









* * *

On our way, before getting the Colosseum we passed by the Pantheon in which we have not been able to enter because there was an event …


* * *

Before getting the Colosseum you certainly fall face to face with this huge bat.





In the next article, I speak of the Roman Forum!

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