Rome Piazza del popolo (11)


After sharing with you our first two days in Rome, I come to the third and last day we spent in Rome with my 3 friends. Our flight was scheduled at 8pm so we had time to do one last ride. For our last visit, we decided to go for a ride on the side of the district of Villa Borghese and for this, we passed by the Pizza Popolo.



The Pizza Popolo is a great place that seems pedestrian but also authorized for vehicles. No sidewalk so pedestrians and cars as coexist they can. At the center of the place an obelisk. Not a fake, not an “inspired” one, a real one imported from Egypt.



* * *

And to complete our short visit, we went to see the church of Santa Maria del Popolo.





The next episode, the gardens of the Villa Borghese and the Pizza di Spagna.

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