Manicure Aliens also like pastel


New week, new manicure! With the arrival of warm weather (finally!) – and I hope it will last, I was once again attracted by summer colors to cover the tips of my nails. Mid flashy mid pastel colors, is what I wanted. For the pattern, I am greatly inspired by things I’ve seen recently. I was amazed – yes I am often amazed these days, by the (always) amazing nails art of our national Pope called Pshiiit. Flashy colors married to a geometric pattern give this result: a manicure from space. I started without knowing what it would looke like and I find it not so bad after all. My man told me, “Ah, but you did a Star Trek manicure?” It made me laugh so much that I made the title of this article.


Regarding how I did this manicure, I tried again a freehand drawing. I’m not very gifted when I use tape, it often drips and ultimately I have to do it again freehand so I said let’s go. I followed the step by step seen on Intagram the previous week (and impossible find it again) and I traced with a fine brush the edges of a triangle before filling inside. It is still not super clean but I think with a little practice I can probably get better.




White nail polish for the nail art: White Konad
Pink sequins nail polish : You are not alone #40457 Orly
Soft mint nail polish : Mint Milk #389 Kiko
White nail polish for the base : Alpine snow #NL L00 OPI

And here where comes from the inspiration :

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