Roma The Trevi Fountain and walking at night (10)


Last hotspot of Rome, the famous Trevi Fountain. We went at night and with this light the monument is more than magnificent. Like many tourists were thrown small coins in the fountain, but in a specific way: backs to the fountain and right-handed with the right hand over the left shoulder and for a first personal wish. And then as we were leaving the next day, we also threw a second coin this time to be sure to return one day!





* * *

At nightfall, we had to find a place for a drink. Looking through the guide book, we found an atypical address. Located in the first floor of a cloister of the sixteenth century, Cafeteria del Cloister of Bramante is more than charming with its outdoor tables with views of the patio. Warning, the address is a bit expensive.





Caffetteria del Chiostro del Bramante Via della Pace, 5

* * *


For dinner, we had to wait outside and in the cold. We  hesitated to go elsewhere, but we do not regret having been patient. The decor is rustic and the atmosphere a bit like a canteen but the pizza is so good!


We have all been diverted by the pizza I ordered: in Rome when you order a pizza with an egg, and it is well served hard-boiled!


And the tiramisu is delicious! We were served by who we believed to be the owner himself. A bit rustic but so charming!


Pizzeria del Leoncino Via del Leoncino, 28

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