Manicure Colorful shaded sparkling


New week, new manicure! After last week’s multi-color-block , I couldn’t decently pass a manicure in neutral colors. And this week, I saw lot of shaded manicures in blue and green tones that rather inspired me. Then I wanted to do it by myself but a pink shaded.


Why pink? Because pink is too cute and mainly because I welcomed a new arrival in my collection, the pink Boom boom room of the new Neon collection of Essie generously offered by the site I really wanted to test it!



So Sunday, I began to pick some roses but my eyes could not help but ask see the green water that I love, not to mention the mint green… Finally, instead of “just” a shadow, I decided to mix these three pink and two green. The result, a manicure I find as sparkling as glitter! That’s a lot of colors but I’m not even scared!



Light pink nail lacquer : Boom boom room #3016 Essie
Green water nail lacquer : Jade green #345 Kiko
Pink nail lacquer : Kiss me on my tulip #NLH59 OPI
Pink sequins nail polish : You are not alone #40457 Orly
Mint green nail lacquer : Mint milk #389 Kiko

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