Manicure Multi Color Block


New week, new manicure! For me and like many of you I am sure, sun gives you fabulous ideas, bright and colorful! And this week after several days of good weather, I could not help but want flashy things that give energy. Result I made a multicolored manicure but not any colors, I opted for the Colorblock!



In addition to the flashy colors, I wanted to test the stickers discovered through nail art our goddess Pshiiit and purchased on Etsy shop of Make it stick. Full details of the products are on the blog of Pshiiit so do not hesitate to read the article on the topic / product!



Mint green nail lacquer: Mint mink #389 Kiko
Light orange nail lacquer: Light peach #359 Kiko
ot pink nail polish: Lights #224A Essie

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