Manicure Want an italian ice cream


New week, new manicure! So last week I went to H&M because I wanted to buy some stuff to try make a beautiful bun. So a bit like IKEA, I went there to buy a bun and some hairpins but I left with a shopping basket of 30€… Anyway all that to say that going to H&M I found  a delicious yellow nail polish that I am eager to test this week! And then I liked so much my new candy pink nail polish of last week that I used it again today! hellokim_manucure_ice_cream_3

To perfect my manicure, I added some chevron stickers but this time I used the silver version that I bought at the same time as the white chevron stickers on Make it stick’s shop on Etsy. Those are slightly different because a little wider.




Pastel yellow nail polish : Want a lemon Nail polish by H&M
Pink candy nail polish : Boom boom room #3016 Essie Silver stickers : Make it stick

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