A relaxing week end for lovers #3 – The gardens of the Fontainebleau’s castle


After the good times at the hotel and spa Novotel of Ury, it was time to return to reality. But before leaving we went to Fontainebleau. We just had a few hours for lunch and discover the gardens of the famous castle of Fontainebleau. Here are some shots of the whirlwind tour.


We just spent an hour in the field, between the English garden and the large audience but it was already so well. There are spots where you can quietly picnicking under the sun or in the shade of trees. I wish we had more time to have nap under a tree.

The little I’ve seen during the walk gave me want to come back to see more!








And now, the visit is over. I really want to come back to complete the tour of the gardens, especially as their access is free! If you have the opportunity do not hesitate!


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