London #09 Visit of the Natural history museum and Trafalgar square


Following my last travel article, here a new photographes dedicated to London with some shots of a day spent at the Natural History Museum followed by a move to Trafalgar Square in January 2012.


I had visited the Natural History Museum in London once in 2011 and I loved it! Unfortunately, the dinosaurs were on vacation and I was not able to say hello. What is good in London is that museums are free, so you can go and return to our favorite museums without any budget issue! So in 2012, when we did our program, I asked my man if we could go back, just to see the dinosaurs and I was not disappointed!




I’ll spare you the pictures of the inside you can still see (again) here. That said, the building itself is so beautiful and the sky was so blue that I could not help but put a few shots of the facade. And all that to say that the Natural History Museum in London is really nice! I can highly recommend it, especially since – I repeat – it is free so no excuse (unless it’s for shopping!).



* * *

After this nice visit and a long walk, here we are at Trafalgar Square, one of London’s key attractions. Although there is not much to do there, the column, its lions and fountains are worth a look. My photos do not honor them, but maybe next time I’ll do better! ^^







Next time, I’m talking about Camden market, a place I love!

Credits : Google maps

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