Manicure Pastel rainbow


New week, new manicure! By a lack of time I must confess that I am clearly choose the facility with a rainbow manicure. It must be said that beyond the facility, it was a bit a must because I bought the 5 pastel colors of Models own! I could not help it!


My opinion about the Models own nail polishes? I must tell you that if the colors are adorable, I’m not fond of these nail polishes. Side perfume, I think the product is rather correct, by cons I think the fine brush is very bad and the creamy texture is more than difficult to apply. I think with a nice thick brush like the French Essie would have been nicer. And here I had to add a third layer of nail polish for perfect coverage.





Yellow pastel nail scented polish: Banana split #NP149 Models own
Green water nail scented polish : Apple pie #NP153 Models own
Blue pastel nail scented polish : Blueberry muffin #NP150 Models own
Lilac nail scented polish : Grape juice #NP152 Models own
Pink pastel nail scented polish : Strawberry tart #NP151 Models own

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