Manicure Sweet sweet clouds


New week, new manicure! You’ve seen it, I’m in obsessive spiral again and my obsession of the moment is the pastel yellow. I had been looking forward to find my mini nail Mavala seen here, and then a few weeks ago I found this yellow made ​​in H & M seen here and there, and then I make went to Monoprix, I bound the beauty beaty department and I can not help but come home with the five scented nail polish from Models own


With this obsessive spiral, what is the color I decided to test first: Yellow Banana split course! For this manicure, I decided to try for the first time the cloud pattern. I know this is a nail art already seen and reviewed everywhere and by all nail artists, but I’ve always believed that I would not be able to do that, so I’ve never tried. And with all these sweet and tart colors time I wanted try. This is the result!


Withut being perfect, I say it’s not so difficult in fact! I was blocked on this nail art, but… So, what do you think?


Yellow pastel nail polish : Banana split #NP149 Models own
Green water nail polish : Apple pie #NP 153 Models own
Green mint nail polish : Mint green  #389 Kiko

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