Canary islands #3 Visited hotspots

As promised in the last article about my week on the island of Lanzarote, today I’m talking about the other the sites visited during the tour organized by the Tour operator. These are not necessarily the best sites, but these are the ones I visited. After the magnificent views of the Timanfaya National Park, we went to the avalley of the Geria known for its vineyards cultivated on a black ground from volcanic sands. What is surprising is that the vines are planted in the middle of a hole topped by a small wall. This rather tedious installation is necessary to protect the vines from the wind and to retain moisture land. On site, we were able to taste the local wine. I’ve tested the softer version and it was very good! And yet I do not drink alcohol!





For lunch, we went to the restaurant of Casa Museo, next to the monument to the farmers, Monumento al Campesino erected in honor of the farmers of the island (after seeing the vineyards, you understand why?) and next to the Casa Museo itself where you can see an exhibition dedicated to traditional crafts. What I found most surprising in these places is the fabulous color contrast. This beautiful blue sky, snow-white walls and green Lanzarote!





Another site we visited, the Jameos del Agua which are natural and underground caves. These caves are home to a lake that is formed naturally where a kind of albino crab live and which has become the symbol of the places.



At the exit of the cave you can admire a pool and exotic garden, the you can also contemplate from beyond where the House of volcanoes is.




Around the site, there is a beautiful view of the sea and the surrounding vegetation.



Finally, I take you with me to the cactus garden created in the 90s which has thousands of cacti from the Americas, Madagascar and the Canary Islands. Cacti are planted on several levels and the whole is surmounted by a restored mill. There are really very weird species anyway!






And now, it’s over! Well, almost because I an writting very quickly a new article for more practical matters.

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