Manicure Make a lemonade


New week, new manicure! So you have seen and understood, I’m a little in a monomania fashion and I depletes resources through. What do I mean? I’m talking about the yellow of course! Having used and abused pastel yellow, I went to the real yellow and after the graphic manicure last week, I again this week with the yellow/nude mix’n’match and I get inspiration from 2 nail arts saw a few weeks ago at the Pope’s blog Pshiiit for colors and in TheBeautyDepartement’s blog for lemon pattern.


Well, lemons are not super well drawn but I think it’s not too bad for a first time. And for those who let themselves be tempted by this all cute pattern, I suggest you jump on the DIY made by TheBeautyDepartment which is incredibly easy!



And prior to the completion of this nail art, I layed as I usually do a base coat but this time I tried a new product : a base coat anti-striation of Ecrinal brand. I confess that I did know this brand only by name and I told myself I was going to test soon after reading the praise Pshiiit wrote on care products of this brand. And then, the press office Franck Drapeau sent me a package full of beauty products including that base coat. This basis is quite nice with its pink color, the rendering is quite nice if you do not want to add any colorfull polish. About its anti-striation benefits, it is too early for me to say anything.



Nail polish with silver sequins: #802 Transparent Silver Glitter Lasting color Pupa
Yellow nail laquer: Yellow #279 Kiko
Green nail lacquer: Acid green #297 Kiko
Nude nail lacquer : Pure porcelain #40752 Orly Base coat: Ecrinal

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