Manicure Sunny nude


New week, new manicure! After repeated mono-color manicures I had to do something else because otherwise it’s a little sad. I again want a manicure with yellow but purer than a pastel yellow used in recent weeks (here, there, or here, here and here). But then, how to wear yellow without looking like a chick? Looking at my shelves of nail polished, in the browsing in fro and through, I stopped on a newcomer in my collection: the Pure porcelain of Orly that I bought last month on sales on the site This nail polish is marvelous: without mentionning the perfect color, the texture of the lacquer and brush provide a nice application and the color is so amazing that two layers are enough for a beautiful and perfect coverage.


And here is the marriage of a nude color and a color block. Well, I have invented nothing and this is not the first time I do this kind of match, then I’ve done a pink version and an orange version. I don’t know about you but I really like this combination, it is punchy with this bright yellow and discreet enough because we don’t notice it at the first glance.




Vernis jaune : Yellow #279 Kiko
Vernis nude : Pure porcelain #40752 Orly

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