The forgotten of summer #1

Today I launch a new category dedicated to photographs that I didn’t published, related to non-covered or underdeveloped topics on the blog or on social networks.










1. Plant wall at the 4 temps mall – 2. A bowl of Banh Tam Bi ordered at my favorite Vietnamese restaurant, enjoyed with my mom and my sister just before leaving on vacation all together – 3. Whoopers tray with extra cheese and bacon taken to Lanzarote airport when we were stuck over 3 hours – 4. Lunch at HD Diner of Rivoli’s street with friends former colleagues – 5. Dave arrived home, he speaks and he farts! I love it! I want so welcome Tim and Stuart … –  6. Shaped heart apparent root at the Parc Floral of Vincennes  – 7. The views at the Parc Floral of Vincennes at a picnic with friends. The first real picnic of the year when we spend all the afternoon to eat and chat – 8. A delicious bowl of Pho from my mom – 9. Sunrise seen from my balcony

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