Manicure I’ve dreamed of a mermaid


New week, new manicure! As promised, this is not this week that I will miss it and I have a new manicure to show you! On returning from vacation I started thinking about this manicure. I still had images of blue sky and beaches in the head. And then as I’m following recently Natacha Birds and she often talks about her love for Ariel … So I started to dream of mermaids.


I’ve seen nail art on the Internet with patterns of scales thanks to the accumulation of dots but I’ve never tried to do this kind of thing by myself. I have not been able to find the sources of these manicures but after all it is only to align dots …?






Pastel yellow nail lacquer : Want a lemonade Nail polish by H&M
Turquoise nail lacquer: #344 Light Misty Green Kiko
Purple nail lacquer : Light grape #292 Kiko
Silver grey nail polish : #213A No place like Chrome Essie

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