Knit & crochet Soft little snood for babies


Recently, I wrote about my desire to do something else than scarves and snoods. I then bought a pattern books for slippers but for now my attempts ended in failure. I don’t admit defeat but a friend of mine who recently became a mother came back to Paris for a few days and I wanted to take the opportunity to offer to her little girl something for the winter but handmade, but what to do? And then I found the blog of Libertylle that, following the pattern from PHILDAR made ​​a snood for babies. I lacked the time and the idea really came in handy. So I went in to buy this PHILDAR wool that is very soft named Phil Douce.


So for a baby of 12 months, the nice Libertylle told me to get 65 stitches. As the little baby is only 4 month old, I made 54 stitches (at random) on a needle of 5. It’s a very easy pattern as you have to knit garter up to 11/12cm height then close the fabric to get a snood. NB: Remember to bind off by following a method that allows a flexible termination otherwise the head wouldn’t pass! Another important detail, I found that knitting the wool Phil Douce was difficult even in garter because we can not clearly see the loops are formed. To cheer up the little soft snood, I added small crocheted flowers. These three little flowers made​​, I sewed to attach the snood. So what do you say about it?



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