Manicure Nail art pen : the fail


New week , new manicure ! There are few weeks ago, I bought a tendy accessory for npa, I named the nail art pen. To start, I opted for the black on from Agnès b . saying that classic color will be easy to use. But then, I’m frankly not used to dark colors and even less black. I tried to find a pattern to reproduce but … I abandonned the first time ( last week actually) and this time I forced myself . I sought inspiration on the net and on the blog of the nail art Pope: Pshiiit. Then I stumbled on this manicure and then I thought why not? I remade the model with other colors and a dash that looks like a brainwave but in the end , the result did not please me. It’s ugly but for lack of time, I still kept it … I do not admit defeat but I have to work on it and I’m looking for inspiration and a pattern that fits with my personality.


Nude nail polish : Nude #372 Kiko
White nail polish: Alpine snow #NL L00 OPI
Nail polish with golden microglitter :  Gold microglitter #274 Kiko
Black nail art pen: Agnès b.

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