Porto #1 Miscellaenous

We are now in Autumn and the holidays are over for a long time, I mean almost. Before closing the season of travels and discoveries, I went away in Portugal for a weekend with my girlfriends. We thought that in a country where we have almost 300 sunny days/ year, we didn’t take too much risk to book our stay in Porto for late September .

And after the weather disaster in January in Rome, unfortunately we once again had bad luck : it rained all weekend! That did not stop me from taking a few shots that I share with you and I start with a series of miscellaneous as is my habit ! What strikes me, and I like, were the colorful facades around the city. They are often covered with tiles with very different patterns and colors. And it is even an art when you have large frescoes that cover the monuments and churches.






In the streets and alleys, there are some street art with glued drawings or graffiti.


But the city is also full of some small touches that seem to be out of time as the tram as architectural element that appear more modern like the garden above a shopping mall.




And what I also liked in Portugal is the food. It’s probably not and certainly not a fine cuisine, but there are some very good things such as pastries!



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