Porto #4 Igreja e Torre Dos Clerigos & the old station


As promised, a new article with lots of pictures of Porto with a little more details. Today, this is a rewind of our first day out with my girlfriends to walk the streets of the second city of Portugal, Porto. After passing through the Albuquerque site, we aimed to the south of the city to visit the two twin churches das Carmelitas e do Carmo, the highest tower in the city and its church Igreja e Torre dos Clerigos and the São Bento railway station. Let’s go!


From our hotel the Sheraton, we walked along the main and long Boavista avenue to reach the city center. On our way, a few shops and restaurants but nothing tourism before falling to the Casa da Musica and this great place Albuquerque with the central column which commemorates the victory of the Portuguese against the French troops during a war XIX century .


It was only after a very long walk we finally left the desert suburb (even if we were in the very Porto) and we finally met civilization. Restaurants, monuments, including churches. Well, before visiting anything, we had lunch but I’ll talk about that later. So after lunch, we had our first culture shock: the Portuguese churches. Our first visit took place in churches das Carmelitas e do Carmo. The first was dark and loaded with decoration so we felt easily stifled, not to mention those representations (very morbid) of Jesus Christ.




In the second, with the light we felt less oppressed but the style remained the same with lots of gilded woodwork, statutes and other decorations very loaded… The Portuguese Baroque style is frankly not very fine.






Igrejas das Carmelitas e do Carmo – Rua do Carmo

After these two visits, we frankly need to get fresh air and to have a little cool and  just ahead, there was a fountain.





Heading towards the South, we fell on the tower of clerics. This tower of 75m offers from what we read, the most beautiful view of Porto. Well, we climbed many many steps to reach the top but the view is not bad at all! Please note that access to the tower is paid: it costs 2 € / person.





Igreja e torre dos Clérigos – Rua de S. Felipe de Nery

Après cette visite, on s’est un peu baladées et prenant les petites rues et puis finalement on s’est dirigée vers l’un des plus grandes gare de la ville : Estação de São Bento. Cette gare est connu pour son hall recouvert de faïences décoratives représentant les plus grandes batailles portugaises.

After this visit, we got a little walk and took the little streets and then finally we headed to one of the largest railway station: Estação de São Bento. This station is known for its covered hall with decorative tiles representing the largest Portuguese battles.





Estação de São Bento – Praça de Almeida Garrett

Leaving the station, we walked down the avenue Dom Alfonso Henriques and here are some pictures taken from the station to the bottom including the Chippendale who took the fresh air while eating his breakfast …




The following article will come very soon !

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