Special Halloween Manicure BeetleJuice new version


New week, new manicure! Following the events, I did a special Halloween manicure. As I like only cute things pastel colors, I wondered how I would do. Then I had the wonderful idea to retry the shot with black nail art pen for a manicure which is a remake of BeetleJuice’s costume with a white base and black stripes. And as I had also a golden nail art pen of Andrea Fulerton found at Sephora, I started!


I love making tutorial so I’ve prepared a little animated gif to explain all the steps. I hope you enjoy it even if it’s in French…

Note: before drawing the stripes, the base must be dry otherwise the tip of the marker will damage your nail polish. Wait that the varnish dries. For my part, I put a few drops of quick dry. The only problem is that the dry faster than I used filed a greasy film and I had to do again the lines on several times that the ink adheres well.


To complete my manicure, I made a second pattern on another nail with a few other small crosses which are also black and gold. So, what do you think?




White nai polis : Alpine snow #NL L00 OPI
Black nail art pen : Agnès b.
Gloden nail art pen: Andrea Fulerton

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