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New week, new manicure! After a starting more than chaotic, I think I finally tame the nail art pen. I mean, I do not pretend that I control the tool like a pro, but let’s say that this time I managed to do pretty much what I had in mind and I think the result it not bad. I often say and you certainly realize while reading, I do not creat anything, but things I see here and there on the web inspire me (as of course I always cite my sources). And once again, I found a great idea of nail art via Pinterest. Unfortunately, I have not found the site of the source for sure but maybe the author would this Instagram account… Anyway, I found this nail art with steps to draw a feather!


Instead of a pink base and a black and white feather, I chose a white base with black and gold feather. For other nails, I stayed sober but not too much with a nude base and a layer of micro-gold sequins.


For this nail art with the pen, I first put one base and 2 layers of white nail polish. This base must be really dry before starting the design with the nail art pen because the tip of the pen may damage your polish. To expedite the process, I used drops  of quick dry of Essence. Once it was dry, I drew the left side of the feather with the black nail art pen, then I did the right side with the golden nail art pen. I’m pretty proud of myself because I made this feather and my right hand in flash! What do you think?



Dry drops: Essence Base coat: 3-way glaze Essie Top coat: RapiDry OPI
White nail polish: Alpine snow #NL L00 OPI
Nude nail polish: Nude #372 Kiko
Nail polish with golden microglitter : Gold microglitter #274 Kiko
Golden nail art pen: Andrea Fulerton
Black nail art pen: Agnès b.

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