Manicure Like a princess’ dress


New week, new manicure! Well, I’m definitely stuck in an obsessive cycle where there is room only for the cloud pattern and nail art pen … And I fell on a nail art that combined the two and there was bingo! I layed an opaque white base before putting a layer of pearly white. For the clouds, I used the nude nail polish and to make a clear demarcation between the base and the clouds, I used the nail art pen to make gilded edges. The result is a nail art that makes me think the princess dresses with iridescent fabrics.


The little heart was drawn freehand with the nail art pen. I first made the outline of a tiny heart that I then expanded gradually correcting the symmetry defects.



Among the products used: a base coat, a fast dry by drops used after the layering of the base and adding cloud pattern to dry the nail polish before drawing with the nail art pen, and a top coat to finish it.


 Base coat: 3-way glaze Essie Dry drops: Essence Top coat: RapiDry OPI
White nail polish: Alpine snow #NL L00 OPI
Nacre white polish a little bit pink: Imported bubbly #80 Essie
Nude nail polish: Nude #372 Kiko
Golden nail art pen: Andrea Fulerton

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