Restaurant Does it worth to go out to eat fondue and barbecue?

To this question, I will answer “why not” but really nothing more. 10 days ago with my girlfriends and our boyfriends, we went to a fondue restaurant in the St Michel area in Paris. We wanted a cozy restaurant where you may share more than one table. After some research, we chose the restaurant Heureux comme Alexandre (Happy as Alexander).

Heureux comme Alexandre – Fondue and barbecues


Taste of the meal In the menu of this restaurant, 3 choices: a “savoyarde” fondue (cheese and bread), a “bourguignonne” fondue (meat cooked in an oil bath) or barbecues (baking stone). For fondue with cheease, my friends thought it was very good. The server has willingly served a new pot of cheese. For fondue with meat, my friends found that the meat was pretty good. For my part, I found my barbecues good but nothing special even though I got a little rab once my tray of meat and vegetable was finished. With all that, we had a classic salad of vegetables and very strange potatoes. The exterior was hard as stone for the interior is well cooked… The first time they were inedible so we had to ask that we exchange. The 2nd was not as bad, but not much better …



The setting A wide variety of decorations and a ceiling painted with a representation of the Little Prince.



The service They were 2 waiters and it was a perpetual ballet where it was a little bit hard to exist.

The price It costs 16 € per person which is quite reasonable for the area and for this type of restaurant. This is correct, but to answer the original question: for the same budget, I would tend to prefer to do it at home …

Recommendation rate: 2/5

Heureux comme Alexandre 24 Rue De La Parcheminerie, 75005 Paris

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