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There are addresses that I enjoy to introduce my friends because this is the opportunity for me to return. And from it, there is The 10, restaurant of the Crowne Plaza located on the Place de la Republique in Paris. I apologize in advance for the quality or lack of quality of my photos. I did not have my camera with me and my smartphone does what it can when there is little light …

Le 10 – French food

Taste of the meal Because I’m greedy, I let myself tempted by the full dinner: starter, main course and dessert! I chose the fried Burgundy snails ans starter (tomato and fennel sauce, green salad) and I was a little disappointed. It was good but it lacked a bit of flavor. For the main course, I enjoyed the bobbin thread really tender and very good. Around the table there were nuts of St. Jacques and fried mashed potato, citrus almost veal sauce with chorizo ​​and plucked pork roast with parsnips and mushrooms. For dessert, we all chose the chocolate cake and ice cream cheesecake that I found too heavy …



Setting The 10 is a great address with a sober decoration. By cons, right now there is work on the front and there is no bay window … As I only had my smartphone to take pictures, I decided to abstain.

Service Among the team of waiters, there was a new young man, certainly an apprentice a little bit clumsy but otherwise the service was prompt and pleasant. What I particularly like about this relatively chic address is that you can come with a pair of jeans and sneakers, you will not be judged or looked through though, because you spend a good evening with friends you laugh a bit loud.

Price In the menu, it costs 10.50€ for a starter, 21€ for a fish or meat as main course and the desserts cost 9.50€. There is a menu for 28€ with starter + main course or main course + dessert or a menu at 33€ with starter + main + dessert. We booked via the website La Fourhcette and received a discount of 50% off the menu and off drink with my trio I paid 20.50€ which I think is a good quality / price rate.

Recommendation’s rate : 4/5

Le 10  10, place de la République 75011 Paris

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