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Following the article where I talked about in my office, today I talk about my shelves of nail polishes. When I set up my office / workshop, I also installed small shelves RIBBA from IKEA to store for my small collection of nail polishes. Only 9cm deep, these shelves are perfect for storing small items. This shelf is available in various sizes and I chose the smallest: 50cm. With my 4 shelves, I had 2m of storage that was enough. But now, since last year, I bought some more…


A year and a half later, my collection has almost doubled and it was therefore necessary that I enlarges the nail polish case. There are RIBBA of 1m which would have been perfect, but I merely add two new RIBBA of 50cm. The connection is not as perfect but I’m pretty happy. And here is the result!



And here an overview !


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