Manicure Snowflakes


New week, new manicure! As announced last week, it’s glitter’s time and December will be placed under the sign of the holiday season. For this new manicure, I combined glitter and nail art pen drawings. After pretty convincing test of the gold nail art pen of Andrea Fulerton found at Sephora, I bought the white version, and the silver versioon thanks to a promotional offer. For this new manicure, I did it again.


With nails art pens, I started the crazy bet to draw snowflakes. I just searched in the net and I found this tutorial that seemed so easy. Having put some layers of base and nail polish and after waiting all that dry well, I started drawing ..! And it was easy! What do you think of the result?  


Well, I am a little disappointed with the white nail art pen that is not opaque enough. I have drawn the several times to have something clear. For cons, the silver version as the golden version fulfills the contract.


Dark pink nail polish with glitter : DS Extravagance #DS026 OPI
Light gray nail polish : Pale gray #329 Kiko
Nail polish with silver glitter : #273 Kiko
Light pink nail polish : Marshmallow #006 Rare
Nail art pen blanc & argenté : Andrea Fulerton

* * *

And here is the tutorial I followed to draw my snowflakes !

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