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A little over a year and a half ago now, I show you my closet turned into office and workshop. It was so beautiful, all tidy. And in late 2013, through a series of articles, I gave you a glimpse of what was new. Today I decided to give you a new overview of this room which is my creative space. It is busy and to show you my ability to pill up, I did before / after shots. Enjoy your visit! Here is the entrance with my little canvas bags hanging from hooks on my door hiding all my ongoing knitting projects, the seat that I got from my mother’s with a nice cushion for the strange Mister Jack and full of new things in the background.


On the workshop side, my book shelf is filled with books about sewi, knit or hooks. The room is so much full that I’m even putting boxes under the desk to store my fabrics.


And then I showed you my tip for storing my tools while keeping them handy. Here is a before / after because it is very loaded!


On the office side, no major changes except that the strange Mister Jack has new friends!



And to finish my collection of nail polishes with 2 new shelves !


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