Knit Twists, twists, twists – the large version


After 3 knitted snoods for my mom, my sister and a friend, I continued my momentum and I knitted a 4th snood for another friend. She so loved the snood I made for my mom that she asked me to do the same for her. So rather than doing the same, I decided to make it covers a little more the neck by adding a few stitches and I duplicated not 5 times the pattern but 7 times.

Here is the result.


As for the last snoods I made​​, I have used the techniques of the provisional cast-on and grafting for joining the ends of the snood. If the provisional cast-on is relatively quick to make, I’m still pretty slow for grafting. This is really a technique that requires a lot of concentration and in a minute I can do a mistake. I had to undo and redo several times but the result is stunning. Few hours (yes it takes me almost 2 hours), but it’s well worth it. And even at the back of the work is very clean.


Here is an outline of the front and back of the work with the assembly by grafting.


>> >> Here the pattern of this snood with twists – large version (French) << << And here a link to a disctionnay French-English

Again, this pattern is free so do not hesitate! And of course, if you see an error in the pattern, do not hesitate to let me know!

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