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With no canteen for lunch during the week, I often eat if it is not all the time outside. Often I go to the same addresses, so I speak very rarely restaurants I go for lunch, especially at present as I am based at Defense area. In short, all that to say that last week I went to Paris for lunch with friends (former colleagues) and that they made ​​me discover a new address on Les Halles area.

Gladines – French food


Taste of the meal


At Gladines’ restaurant the cuisine proposed is one of the Southwest of France. A la carte, some Basque specialties but salads and potatoes. I ordered the piperade, a dish of potato, tomato, pepper and ham. I discovered the meal and it was pretty good and the plate was so big! I clearly struggled to finish my plate!





The decor of this restaurant is at the crossroads of a canteen potluck with colorful wooden tables and chairs and American bistros from 60’s with his jukebox and pinups on the walls.


Service Nothing special to say


Prices Being between Les Halles area and Rue de Rivoli, we would expect at prices a little high but not at all. Piperade costs 9.80€, salads are between 7.80€ and 10.90€ and potatoes cost between 4€ for the nature version and 8.20€ for the version with ham + cheese (Cantal).

Conclusion It’s a place with a good price / quality ratio especially for varying a little pleasure at lunch. By cons, we must be careful because eating to much potates we can quickly become a real potato!

Recommendation’s rate: 4/5

Gladines 11 bis rue des Halles 75001 Paris

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