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Since a friend of mine brought me to the Plomb du Cantal’s, I became a real fan. In less than six months, I went a total of 4 times already: 3 times that of the right bank located on Boulevard St Denis and 1 times the one located on the left bank located on Rue de la Gaité. I take this last visit to complete my first review about this restaurant. We were a nice table of 7 people.

Le plomb du Cantal – French Cuisine

The taste of the meal Lover of truffade since I tasted it, I can not imagine going to Plomb du Cantal’s without eat it again. But now, the truffade is not the lighter meal so according to my appetite I command with a good piece of meat or just the the plate of truffade with a little green salad. In all cases, the plate arrives the first and the waitress or waiter give the truffade from the still hot from the pan.



I’m a meat lover but I can not say I’m an expert so far. That said, the meat and the cooking is quite good in this restaurant. I really enjoyed myself with my 350gr of duck breast. Besides, I was focused when I attacked the plate!


Around the table there also had steaks, pavers, french fries (instead of truffade), but also a mega gizzard omelette made ​​with 3 eggs, 500g of potatoes and an extra volume. HUGE!


Generally, the main course can widely satisfy you, but as I planned this dinner, I ate light at lunch and I could take a dessert. It was clearly greed because the only time I took a dessert at Plomb du Cantal’s, I had not really been satisfied. I had not found the cherry clafoutis to very good. This time, I let myself be tempted by the dessert of the moment: an apple pie topped with crème brûlée and accompanied by vanilla ice cream which was delicious!


Setting After testing the two places in Paris, I have a preference for the Plomb du Cantal of the right bank as that of the Rue de la Gaite is really noisy and impossible to make a reservation.

Service All the service was impeccable until when we paid the bill. We pre-counted to let everyone know how much he/she had to pay but for one of the couples, the waiter has a bad mental calculation when he added the two shares and there was a gap. He left ourselves find the error … Shame! Otherwise, I appreciate not stingy side of the address. For people who have not ordered truffade, the server willingly scrapes the bottom of the pan so that everyone tastes.

Price For a piece of meat served with an accompaniment style truffade, aligot or french fried, it costs around 20 €. Truffade with salad is 12 € and a big omelette, it costs around 15 €.

Conclusion I highly recommend this place for lovers of the cuisine of Cantal with things well … copious!

Recommendation’s rate : 4/5 Le Plomb du cantal 4 boulevard Saint Denis – 75010 Paris

And little bonus, my little head and the one of my Man. This restaurant was the opportunity to meet with my friends with whom I organized a swap for Christmas. Our respective calendars have led us to offset the distribution last week and here’s what I got!


Clarification, most of the photos in this series was taken by a friend of mine. We tested our respective new devices and it turns out that his gives a better rendering in this dim light.

Credit photo: © Gaël Oueno | Photography

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