Restaurant American bistro

This is the big trend, there are burgers everywhere! But eating a burger at the pub around the corner or go to a restaurant that said American is something else!

American Bistrot – North-American cuisine

Taste of the meal Hellokim_American_Bistrot_1

Last year I had been to the American bistro but just for a drink. This time I was able to order again the super Oreo milkshake before eating the burger!


I ordered the American bistro burger that was not bad at all. For cons, I do not really like cheddar but that is a matter of taste.

Settings This is an address that in my opinion perfectly combines the French bistro style and U.S. style. Neon lights and pictures on the walls, red banquettes, small tables and wooden chairs, it’s pretty cute as place.


Service Nothing to say

Prices A burger costs between 13.5€ and 17.5€. The milkshake costs 7.5 €, a bit expensive but delicious!

Recommendation’s rate : 3,5/5

American bistrot 74 rue de la Folie Méricourt – Paris 11th arrondissement

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