Nail art Sweet daisy


New week, new manicure! I may be disappointed more than one last week wearing almost bare nails but I confess that I liked to see my nails, lamost naked! So when I found this nail art last week, I had a real crush. It’s pastel, it’s colorful but it also has a very natural look without any coloful layer under the pattern.


For technical questions, I just followed the step by step of this pin on Pinterest: to distribute the yellow dots (the heart of the daisy) on the nail and then add small dots all around to draw the petals . This is a nail art super easy to replicate so I think I will do it again soon!




Yellow nail polish: H&M
Green water nail polish: Jude green #345 Kiko
White nail polish: Konad
Light pink nail polish: Marshmallow #006 Rare

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