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Last month, I had dinner with my girl friends in a Lebanese restaurant that we know for several years but I’ve never spoken about it here and yet we have never been disappointed by this place!

Saidoune – Lebanese Cuisine

Taste of the meal As I said earlier, this is not the first time I went to Saidoune but I think we always ordered the same thing: a mezze to share. And once again, we did not break the rule, we took a mezze to share by 3. It begins with an assortment of five cold dishes accompanied by famous Lebanese bread : hummus, tabbouleh, etc..


And then as soon as the plates are empty, hare are 4 new hot dishes with falafel, fried fritters, grilled sausages and chicken wings.


Everything was delicious and super filling! Once again, I was delighted with the dinner!

Setting The atmosphere is a little muffled, but not really Lebanon inspired which is a shame.


Service Perfect

Price The mezzé to share costs 19€/personn which is a good price as the plates are generous and as there are a lot of differetn dishes to taste.

Recommendation’s rate : 4,5/5 

Saidoune  35 rue Legendre, 75017 Paris

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