My Greek holidays #1 Athens


This year with my love, we celebrate our 10th anniversary! In recent years, it has become customary to getaway a few days rather than giving gifts and that’s good because our birthday is in early July. In 2011 we went to London; in 2012, we made a short week in Marseille; in 2013 we had a weekend in a hotel SPA. For this anniversary a little bit special, we are organising a big and beautiful trip but it is scheduled for this fall. In the meantime, we decided to go to Greece.


The trip begins in Athens, continues at Mykonos and ends again in Athens for a few extra days. So here to start the series about a my trip in Greece, with some pictures of Athens in miscellany version with a small focus on Plaka district.








One of the areas we most explored in Athens is certainly Plaka. North of the Acropolis, Plaka is a fairly popular area but also very lively with many shopping streets such as Ermou street that starts from the square Syntagma, where is the Parliament.




Continuing eastward and Monastiraki neighborhood, we can quickly get to the metro of the same name where is the flea market that has small air of Camden(London), but much smaller and much less extravagant. The area is very touristy but in early July the streets remained ok even during the afternoon. By cons, we crossed some beggars who were just little pushy if not aggressive.





It’s near the Monastiraki metro we ate very good souvlaki at Athanas‘. The address was very highly recommended by a local who is none other than the cousin of my man who lives in Athens.


We took two variants of a dish with souvlaki: a plate witj 4 skewers of souvlaki with onions and grilled tomatoes and another with yogurt and tomato sauce. It was a really good! We shared the dishes to taste the 2 and we feasted! By cons, the address is quite expensive when you decide to enjoy the freshness of the patio in the shade. Good deal is to take a sandwich to take that costs € 1.90 as I recall.



In the next article, I’m talking about the hot spots that we visited including the inevitable Acropolis!

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