Nail art Hello watermelon !


New week, new manicure ! Few weeks ago the website contacted me and suggested me to test their products of manicure and nail arts. Browsing the site, I stopped on “Water dacals” which have the advantage of being slightly thinner and stiffer than the stickers. My nails are very curved, mostly the stikers are not flexible enough and because of the shape of my nail they peel off. So I chose 4 boards as follows:


One board with watermelons (Ref: F017), one with feathers (Ref: BLE1678), one with porcelain effect (Ref: 1619) and one with roses (Réf : G103). And this week, I really wanted a manicure that feel good summer with my watermelon pattern.





Red nail poilsh : Caught red handed #71305 Calvin Klein / Green water nail polish : Apple pie #NP153 Models own / Watermelon decals: NéeJolie

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