Restaurant Having diner at Seine’s bank

Last week, relying on a nice weather I went to dinner on the banks of the Seine on a barge docked at the foot of the Pont Marie in Paris. A friend had given me this article to test the address.

Le Willow – French food

Taste of the meal A la carte just a few choices: seafood marinades served cold rated as very exotic name “Ceviche” and Burgers. The ceviches are served without anything so you must order an side dish and it’s not so good: not bad but really nothing special. For my part, I chose a chicken burger and it was not too bad. The bread was rather soft and the ingredients were pretty well seasoned. Too bad it was served with just a small salad …



For dessert, two possibilities: cheesecake or chocolate hazelnut pudding. I chose the pudding. Served warm, it has an amazing presentation but in the end it was ok but a bit heavy.


Setting The real plus of this address is the setting. Willow offers tables on platforms but also on the barge where you can admire the Seine and its bridges. By cons, we had a little less luck, we were placed at the rear of the boat, near the kitchen. We were not able to enjoy the bucolic atmosphere given up by the boat and put forward by the articles talking about the address … Fortunately, we still had a beautiful sunset!


Service Placed at the back of the boat, we saw a constant ballet of waiters but few care of our single table. Too bad…

Prices Dishes (ceviches and burgers) are displayed at 13€ and the side dishes cost 4€. It cost 7 € for a dessert. Regarding drinks: 5€ for a soda and 38 € for a bottle of rosé it’s a little expensive.

Recommendation’s rate : 2/5 This is a place worth for setting, but the price/quality ratio is rather disappointing.

Le Willow Port de l’Hôtel de Ville, 75004 Paris Aux pieds du pont Marie


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