Knit for babies Dress with eyelet


Last spring, I got the good news: a couple of friends expected a baby girl for the end of summer! After a bundle of baby boys, I will knit for little baby girls and on top of that, it’s for summer time, a design that I did’t do yet.

As usual, I wanted to knit a gift box. For winter’s babies I usually knit a beannie, a cardigan and slippers. This time was a little bit different and I added to my to do list a little dress I found in the book Cadeaux de naissance from Marie Claire Editions.


I knit for several years now and it was the first time I knit eyelet. It’s never too late, isn’t it? 



FIY, I knitted this template with Drops Baby Merino yarn, Purple orchid color (mix #39).

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