Knit for babies Two-colored cardigan


I have this addiction since I knit: I can’t help myself buying yarns even before having a project in my to do list. If it’s nice and on top of that it’s cheap, I’m unable to avoid purchasing. Some would call it impulsive buy, but… shhhhh !

So when it happens, I have something in mind anyway… Drops Baby Merinos is my favorite yarn (for now) to knit baby clothes and I enjoy sales to increase my stock in comtemplation of future birth.  Usually this yarn is not expensive but in sales, it’s so cheap that I buy it by bundle of 4. Why 4 balls? Because it’s what I need to usually knt a beannie, a cardigan and slippers (size 1 or 3 months) even if it’s rare that I use only one color for a whole gift box.


Anyway, in my stock of Drops Baby Merinos, I had some balls of Purple Orchid (mix 39) remaining from the little dress with eyelet and some of Powder (44) so I decided to knit something using both colors in order to empty my stock.

I found this Phildar template in brochure N°644.


From the original pattern:
– I adapt it according to my gauge as I knit with a thinner yarn
– I knit the collar by picking up still instead of knitting a band to stitch

So what do you think of it?

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