Tricotez-vous du bonheur the perfect set to beggin

In line with Tricot Zen (translation: Zen knit) released last april (Mango Edition), Charlov and I worked on a second book of templates that was released yesterday in all good bookshops and it’s titled Tricotez-vous du bonheur (translation: Knit happiness)


Tricotez-vous du bonheur is a set with :
– a book with 10 templates to knit,
– texts about how to relax, by Roxane Marie Galliez (who work with us on Tricot Zen book)
– a soft ball of yarn


When we created the 10 templates, Charlov and I wanted them as easy as possible to help you to relax, and we wanted being able to knit at leat 1 template with only 1 ball. As the yarn is big, all template is fast to complete in order to be happy to finish something as quick as possible.


Among templates, there are fashion accessories such as head band or bracelet, but also home accessories  to embellish your home and add a soft “Hygge” touch.


All templates can be knitted with 1 ball of yarn max, but according to the targeted template, you can knit more than one. We did a table that display what combo you can do.


The ball of yarn is white/natural and is quite big. You can knit it with needle from 9 mm to 12 mm size according to stitch and wanted result. Charlov and I enjoyed to mix that but most templates are knitted with needle size 10 or 12 mm.

Unfortunately, there is no needle on set but it was difficult to add it as we used different sizes of needle and we really wanted to play with it as sometime we want a flexible result and sometime we need something rigid.


Obviously this set is for begginers, a perfect gift for Christmas! So, what do you think?

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