Knit for kids Little beanie, peruvian style

These last years, I knitted a lot of baby clothes but babies grow up and become kids, and I prefer offer handmade gifts than buy something. There is so much love in homemade stuffs… Anyway, last winter (yes I kno I’m very late), I knitted a survival kit for a 18 months old girl.

Her mother (a friend) ordered a beannie and a snood for her little Lea. She wanted a peruvian style beannie because usually beannies don’t stay long on her daughter’s head and she wanted something that cover her ears.

I made it without template: the design was quite easy but it was difficult to distribute the pattern according to increasings. 

Some details for curious readers:
– Edges are made with garter stitch with edge stitch
– Cords are made with braid from ears
– Used yarn is Lang Yarns

It looks ok but as I’m not used to knit for kids and as I don’t meet kids often, I made a mistake about height, but luckily Lea’s ears can be kept warm.

Next week, I’ll show you the snood I made.

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