Knit for babies Soft blanket

My friends have children and I knit. Is it a cause and effect? No… well almost. I love knitting and I love making my friends happy so when they expect a happy event, I love pleasing them by giving them baby clothes knitted with love. So far, my gift boxes were composed by slippers, beanies, sometimes cardigans. This time, without knowing if the gift will be usefull or not, I decided to make a mini blanket.


For this work, I wanted to test a yarn that I didn’t know yet : Drops Air. This yarn made with 70% of Algaca is so light et so warm, perfect to create a warm cocoon for a newborn .

This blanket is for a baby boy but I wanted a soft pattern, so I choose to knit it by a pattern with eyelets and frame in garter stitches.

So, do you like it? 

FIY, this blanket is knitted with Drops Air in color Light grey (03), sponsorised by Nathalie from website who was quoted in a previous article.

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