Knit Emilie’s wrap-over top, sleeves

Last steps for the wrap-over top made for the bride-to-be! After finishing the front/back part, I started knitting sleeves.

I made a pattern with some eyelets in the front/back part that I wanted to reproduce on sleeves. 
First difficulty: make sure the pattern on front/back and on sleeves are perfectly aligned.
Second difficulty, make a nice curve lines on top of sleeves to have nice shoulders.
As I wanted to reduce stitching, I knitted sleeves in round and when I get armholes, I split and knitted in flat knitting.

To help you to imagine the final result, here a photo of front/back and sleeve side by side. I have to stitch front/back and sleeves together and make 2 cords to wrap the top.

I hate stitching when I knit because it’s a so critical step! You could perfectly knit different pieces of your work, but if the stitching process is wasted, it could ruin all your work! So much pressure!


Next time, I’ll show you the final result! And I thing I will wait for bride’s pictures.

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