Santorini Oia, the most beautiful view of the island

If Greek white houses with blue roofs are famous, it should be thanks to Oia. I think the best moment to visit the city is early in the morning when it’s not too hot and tourist’s crowd is not arrived yet. Streets are narrow but it’s reaaly hard to find shadow.

Arrived at 9, we enjoyed until 11. After, it was really difficult to amble in main street and at 12, sun was unbearable. Here in this picture of Panagia church, the square is empty but only 30 minutes later, it was really crowded as it’s near bus station.

Here the view is more beautiful than in Fira but there are so much luxury stores and most of houses have been replaced by luxury hotels. In pictures, Oia is amazing but I think I wouldn’t like staying there. Narrow streets are so crowded and if you stay in hotel with swimmingpool, you can be sure that you’ll be spyed by tourists.

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