Knit My Slushies top from We are knitters

Last July, I left to Kos island to spend few days under the greek sun. These holidays was the opportunity to have some rest and spend time with my family. We enjoyed the beach and to relax myself, and to keep my busy, I took with me a new kit to knit. I’m doing it for few years now and I look like a weirdo among vacationers but I love it!

After the shopping bag hooked in june, I took the Sluchies top from We are knitters, ordered in Terracota color. We knit the top with 5 mm needles and a very soft cotton yarn and very nice to work with. The design is technicaly easy with garter stitches and slip stitches. But, we have to be very focused to correctly align the slip stitches and create the beautiful pattern. I have to admintted I ad to undo few times because I was not focused enough… 

I finished the top in one week, on the plane back home, except for the stitching that I procrastinated.

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