Ready to (re)start

Today, more than 12 millions of French kids and teenagers start their school year. I left school a long time ago but it’s still an opportunity to start a new session of the year. Summer is ending slowly, my last lucky co-workers/clients are coming back from holidays today and we will start the last trimester. However I already started to work here on my blog from mid-august by upgrading WordPress and its multi-language pluggin (by the way, there are still some adjustments to do).

Mid-August, I explained a bit why I didn’t write any article here: a project that I can’t refuse that was very time-consuming. The project was a new book, my 4th that will be released this month! There are 20 patterns from headband to sweater, with beanie and snood with here a foretaste.

When I created these 20 works, I didn’t have time to do other personal projects. When I finished them, I started few new projects such Émilie’s wrap-over top and the crocheted shopping bag that you probably saw on my Instagram account. There are a lot of project on my to-do list: 4 clothes, 3 beanies, 3 snoods and 1 poncho.

On the blog, I will talk about my new book, mais also my French road trip by the West coast and then I’ll start over my restaurants reviews. I hope you will be ther to read me despite my long absence.

And what about you. Does september has the same impact? Do you resolve to do better things? And what do you have on your to-do list?

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