Gauge Drops Air in Plain knitting

Several gauges

It can be boring for some of you but I’m in Gauge4Ever team and I say i out loud! Yes, I know when we have a beautiful yarn ball waiting to be knitted and a project in mind, we all want to start it right away but for me gauging is mandatory in almost all cases and it can save so much time and energy! I talked about it last year and I keep saying it’s mandatory!

So, according to a poll I did on Instagram’s story, we are only 40% to start a project with a gauge, against 60% freestylers. We are fewer but I don’t change my mind.

By the way, a gauge help to check number of stitches and rows we get, but it’s also a way to test how 3 items are combined: yar, pattern and needle’s size. I decided to share with you my gauges because it might help you to choose a yarn for a specific project. I don’t keep all gauges I do but I have some in stock and I will share every gauge I do from now.

So, Gauge set starts today with Drops Air that I want to use for a new project.

Gauge in plain knitting with Drops Air yarn

Details of the gauge

Brand: Drops
Quality: Air
Colour: Grey, mix 03
Needles: 5 mm in wood
Pattern: Plain knitting

Plain knitting

Talking about knitting, after Garter stitch, Plain knitting is a basic that you must learn.

In flat knitting, plain knitting is knitted as follows:

Row 1: knit all stitches
Row 2: purl all stitches

In circulare knitting, Plain knitting is knitted as follows:

For all round: knit all stitches

Comment : Reference gauge says 17 stitches x 22 rows for a 10 cm square but I don’t have the right tension because I have more stitches but I like the result so I keep it.

My opinion on Drops Air

I love Drop Air because it’s as peasant as quick to knit as it is knitted with needles size 5 mm. Fibre is very soft because it’s composend by baby alpaca and merinos. I also love it because it’s very light and warm.

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