Circulare knitting Remake of the poncho with Drops Andes yarn

One of the knit I prefered to create for my last book named Circulare knitting is the poncho. As said in my article dedicated to my on-going projects and to do list, the picture’s book do not show it well. Actually, it was made to cover shoulders , upon a coat. With its collar very high, it protects neck and it can be wore as a hood.

Because we are sensitive to the cold in my family, when I considered Christmas gifts, I thought about this design for my Mum and my sister.

As I have a lot of yarns in my stock, I prefered to pick in it to knit this new version for my Mum. For her, I decided to make it with Drops Andes yarn. I had few ball of yarns in natural colour but not enought to make the poncho so I had a strip in beige and here is the result.

To make this version I had to adapt the pattern from the book as I used a different yarn. So what do you think about it?

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